Sunday, December 6, 2015

Teach your (Grand) Children Well !

My Grandson spent the night, so early this morning we went to Cedar Hill Cemetery and said thank you to some Confederate soldiers, My Grandson J.C. is five, kinda young for a history lesson,
 but I don't think too young.

Our first visit was to Mr Darden --

I've visited him before ---

But today we left him a new coin and Flag,

I was happy to see the coin I placed last time was still there.

Then we stopped by to see the Tom Smith monument,

J.C. Carried the flag and coin --

J.C. Placed a flag

Posed for a picture

Then placed a Remember coin !

Our last stop was at Mr Turnley's resting spot

He got a new flag and a new coin also --

I told my Grandson about the men we had visited and why we gave them Flag's and Coins,

I think he understood as well as a five year old could.

Now if I could just get the "Floggers" to understand half as good as J.C. did !


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    1. Hopefully the few minutes we spent this morning will start a lifetime of remembering -----