Thursday, December 3, 2015

"David Tatum, another infrequent blogger".-----

It  seems Brooks Simpson thinks I was fooled by this ---

Well not this picture,  this is the one I used MS. Paint on, 
which is the same program used to create  this one ---

Notice the holes in the lettering ?
When you use the "Spray Can" brush in MS. Paint that's what you get!

As soon as I saw the original post I knew what it was --

So the comment I left at Connie's blog was a statement of fact that  still rings true--

"I'm willing to take all the currency with the pictures of dead racist presidents and dispose of it in a fitting manor !"

As for me being an  " infrequent blogger" -- I blog when I have time, and feel like doing so.
And 95% of the time I ignore Fools like Simpson and try to stay positive by making things like
"Remember" coins

I make the coins to be left at the graves of Confederate Soldiers

I also use the coins as tops for ribbons that I make for people --

I made this ribbon for my best friend of 51 years who recently passed away.

I have also made molds for others to use to make the coins with.

And all of the coins, molds and ribbons are made "Non Profit"

I don't make a penny off them, I do it to honor our Confederate Soldiers.

Staying positive as best I can ! But staying busy and Honoring Confederates.

I may not blog as often as others, but my bus runs on its own time table !

Have a nice day Brooks !


  1. Amen David! Any jackleg can sit a spout off at a keyboard but getting involved and actually doing the service of upholding our heritage is quite another thing! Deo Vindice!

    1. I have sent the REMEMBER coins all across Dixie, they have been placed to honor many Confederate Soldiers, It's a shame that Simpson and his "clingons" don't use their time to do something along the same line.