Friday, March 6, 2015


One of the things I really enjoy is rejecting comments made by " Shadow People"

The ones who hide behind fake names, and use other people's profiles.
To post snarky, hate filled comments.
Typical, Flogger / Yankee stuff.

They ain't got enough courage to use their own names.

So a quick scan tells me whats up, I ain't gotta read em.

Some of them obviously took a while to create,
 and I delete them in a few seconds without reading them.

So all you "Shadow People" please continue posting your well thought out,  
lengthy comments.

Because when I reject them, you--
 " Make My Day"


In an attempt to cut down on Shadow People comments
I've made a change to the comment policy !



  1. Amen brother! I remember Corey from back in his early days when he only had 3 fake profiles and we kept him around SHPG as court jester. He and his kind are SO lame! Cowards and Cerpetbaggers all! And now he has his entourage of 2 or 3 other floggers have surrounded themselves with their own fake profiles to make themselves appear important while they are really impotent!

    1. corey has become a foot soldier for others, i see his IP # in my stat tracker and soon after the 'others" start popping up.

  2. Replies
    1. You know what I posted is true, Dontcha ?