Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Charlottesville Sweep !

It seems the Charlottesville City Council has fallen in line with the PC leftist.

From what I've read, not a one of them are native Virginians.

But acting in "Good Faith" as duly elected officials they have done THIS .

I think it's a shame.

Please copy this picture and post it at -

Let them know how you feel about their "memory hole" actions !


Dave Tatum.


  1. Unfortunately, Charlottesville is rapidly becoming a carpetbagger's paradise.

  2. Actually David, when the government tells everyone to celebrate this or that it is much more like socialism than a city council saying it will no longer celebrate a certain holiday. Again, will this stop you from celebrating Lee-Jackson Day? Will is end the holiday?

    1. So I guess the Government should Void all holidays ?
      After all Favoritism is something the Gov, should stay away from.
      Do away with Christmas, it might offend some Muslims.
      Yea that's the ticket, Do away with all holidays !
      A homogenized society is what is on the horizon.
      No identity for anyone ! That's scary !
      And Yes I will observe Lee - Jackson Day.

    2. What government establishes Christmas as a holiday?

    3. Congress proclaimed Christmas a federal holiday in 1870.

    4. So did the country celebrate Christmas before that?

      Did the Government need to proclaim it a holiday before it could be a holiday?

    5. Your questions keep "morphing" !
      If you just wanna argue -
      I'm tired of giving you undue bandwidth !
      Say Hello to General Zod !

  3. Your tears are so so delicious

  4. Just gonna ignore the history of how confederate holidays came to be, in tandem with Jim Crow?

    1. What it boils down to is a bunch of folks in deep North States worrying about holidays in states hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of miles from where they live. It's really none of their business.

  5. William, I threw the Baby out with the Bath Water, I've been besieged with snarky, I just wanna argue comments, yours got caught up in the mess, I apologize.

    William Burghardt has left a new comment on your post " The Charlottesville Sweep !":

    I'll say it again. All holidays and traditions (even Christmas) are invented. Confederate celebrations like LJ day were conceived by Redeemer governments in the South as the rolled back the civil rights gains of reconstruction, made Jim Crow practices into segregation laws, and generally made white supremacy the norm again. The holidays were public, visual reinforcement of those priorities. Modern governments should no longer be sanctioning that history. Delete this or don't, or better yet read a book about confed memory during the Redeemer Period. Or Woodwards The Strange Career of Jim Crow.

  6. To William Burghardt,

    MY Reason for celebrating Lee Jackson Day comes from a book, one you don't have access to, A family journal, with pages written by an ancestor who was in the war.

    My Great Grandfather wrote ---
    " After an interval of over thirty years of time my memory takes me back to my wartime days
    (1861 1865) it seems strange about my experience as a Confederate soldier , yet it is true. And that I am proud today as a prince of that experience
    . I rejoice with exceeding great joy to know that I and my brother William were soldiers in the Army of Northern Virginia and that I lived in the same days and generation and breathed the same liberty loving atmosphere as Generals Lee and Jackson and that incomparable host of patriots whose valor and heroic achievements for our cause has challenged the admiration of the civilized world .
    My brother and I did our duty to the last, we had guns and used them in many hard fought battles to our satisfaction, without either being taken prisoner or receiving only slight wounds once in a while"

    John C Tatum

    Now then, whatever the reasons were for starting the holiday, the above statement is why I celebrate the day.

    And for every southern white supremacy fact you can give me I can counter it with one from the north, so lets not go there.

    1. That is great, I'm happy for you and you should celebrate it. I celebrate my anniversary every year and the firs day of the baseball season. It does not change the fact that state and federal governments should no longer be sanctioning celebrations like LJ day. And no one here is denying white supremacy is alive and well throughout the country. It's not a contest.

    2. What celebrations "Like" Lee Jackson Day are you referring to ?
      Or is it just Lee Jackson Day ?

      I ain't denying the South was Racist, just wanted the spotlight to cover the whole stage.