Thursday, March 5, 2015


It ain't the Beatles, but I like it !


  1. "Hello no I won't push 1 for English, I'd just as soon hang up the phone, if you want to serve in the Muslim church, go and take your ass back home..." It ain't the Beatles, but I like it !

  2. Muslim Church? Does he mean Mosque?, Muslims don't have churches like we Christians do, they call them Mosques like Jews call their places of worship Synagogues. Pretty typical uneducated southerner there. No wonder you like him.

    Plus why does a Muslim have to go back home to serve in his Mosque? There are Mosques right here in America and it is part of our religious freedom that allows them to worship as they see fit. Singer seems a bit Islamophobic to me. But I guess that is again par for the course with many southerners.

    Also, isn't this kind of a "salty" title for someone whom I would imagine claims to be a faithful Christian?

  3. "Muslim Church" is simply the way the lyrics go, I think it's a "First Amendment thing"
    And depending on your view of "go back home" / home could be wherever the Muslim is living, Newark NJ or Afghanistan.
    As for my religious beliefs, " I got a deal with God, that's all you need to know" !

  4. Prophet Muhammad married Aisha when she was six, and had sexual intercourse with her while she still remained pre-pubescent at the age of nine lunar years. This fact has been recorded many times in Sahih ahadith.

    If you wanna hitch your wagon to these folks Josh, go for it !

    Go here for an eye opening-

    Yea Bubba I'll stick to my Religious beliefs, you go where you wanna, and support pedophiles if you wanna.