Monday, March 2, 2015

NO Context !

One of the lame arguments put up by the Floggers is
 " The Flags being put up by the VA Flaggers have no context.

Hmmmmmm ?
Well I guess that's true.

So if you're driving by and see it you may not know what it's for !

But lets take a look at some other drive by sights.

So if you're driving by, What is it ?

Driving by - "Who are They" ?

Continuing  our Drive By tour --
"Wow who are those guys" ?

Still on the move we find -



Starting to get the picture ?

There are many things we see every day that have no context with them.

So what happens ?

We ask questions, what is that, why is it there, who put it up ?

And when you start asking questions, you start getting answers !
And when you start getting answers you continue to learn.
And as you continue to learn, you continue to grow.

"Seek and ye shall find"


  1. Is that a confederate mer-man?

    1. No Alex, It's a statue of Neptune. It's in VA Beach VA,
      See how it works ? You see something with no context, and you start asking questions.
      For more on Neptune's statue go to --
      Thanks for helping me prove my point.

    2. So Alex, is Restoring the Honor your blog?


    3. Anyone who hides behind fake names and anonymous postings lacks credibility.

    4. ALEX, Connie asked you a question !

      " Is restoring the Honor your Blog ?"

      Sooooo ?

  2. Floggers are PO'd because THEY don't get to define the "context" of the flags. Their context, of course, that the flags are eeeeeeville, and Confederates were eeeeeville, and heritage folks today are eeeeeville. And none of that is apparent to drivers-by....

  3. Dav,

    Context is given at all of those historical sites. The Paul Bunyon thing and Neptune are void of context. Even Stone Mountain has some context, though it is biased. In fact Dav, you actually have the context in one of the pictures you posted....

    1. Hey Rob, long time no see, hope the Masters Thesis thing went OK.
      I agree " Context is given at all of those historical sites"
      The active word is "AT"
      If you bothered to read the post, it says "Drive By"
      What part of that don't you understand ?