Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Same Flag II--

AHHHHH yes, Kevin Levin the "SPIN MASTER"
Makes a post -Same Flag

Typical Levin !

Sooo I'm gonna do a Typical Tatum,


Part II

Sacramento !

Ferguson !

It seems none of the floggers are upset by the images !
( Go Figure)

But it rubs me the wrong way !

My Dad taught me RESPECT for Old Glory.

Guess what is on the Mantle of my home ?
Dad's Dog Tags, and the flag that covered his coffin !

Dad was in WWII and Korea !

So I'm offended by the Ferguson mob burning the flag !

The KKK using the American flag also offends me.

I have a simple solution for the Flag Abusers --

Use Grapeshot,Then let God sort em out !

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