Monday, December 15, 2014

"Teach Your Children Well"

Mall Cop Tasers Angry Mother !

Unlike the Hollywood version that the Floggers seem to accept -

This is the reality of being a mall cop

The saddest part of the whole incident was expressed by one of my F/B Friends -

"how sad these women (and men) are teaching that being aggressive and hateful is OK, to their children. It's the little one's chiming in that really breaks my heart."

Teach Your Children Well.


  1. Why did you post this video. You said flashlight only and 99% were glad to see you. Doesn't look like it. So why is this in your spank bank?

    1. I posted the video to show what Real Mall Cops have to contend with.
      I'm an unarmed security guard, I have the credentials to carry a gun but choose not to. So my flash light is my weapon.
      As for 99% being glad I'm on site, it's the 1% selling drugs and committing other crimes that don't like me. So I'm happy with the 99% approval.
      Now then as I have said before, I'm not a Mall Cop, I work in section 8 housing 75% of the time, I do have a temporary assignment during the holidays at two strip mall shopping centers, out in the weather!
      My other regular assignment is at a School for Rich Kids.
      Oh in case you are confused, that ain't me in the video !
      let me ask you Jules, do you approve of the mothers actions in the video ?

  2. Typical reply from someone avoiding the issue, say hello to General Zod !