Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Some one sent me this -----

I got this message on F/B ---

"Last year, during the holiday, Corey Meyer, a school teacher in Illinois who spends most of his time stalking and harassing Confederate heritage supporters through numerous fraudulent profiles and false identities, reported that he had been "threatened" when someone left a lump of coal and a Confederate flag near his place of employment, with a note signed "Confederate Santa". He was so disturbed by this "act of intimidation" as one of his fellow Confederate haters called it, that he removed his Confederate/Southern-bashing blog, and disappeared from social media for a short period of time."

"No one ever came forward to claim responsibility for the alleged incident."

"Almost one year later, Anonymous CSA has discovered photographic evidence of the true identity of "Secret Santa". It appears Mr. Meyer couldn't resist the temptation to join the "selfie" craze."

"Happy New Year, Corey! Here's hoping 2015 is the year you seek psychiatric help...and get a life!"


  1. Was that Kentucky or Virginia coal? Or Texas/Oklahoma lignite? LOL..