Friday, November 7, 2014

Hands on Teaching ---

Soooo I'm thinking about sending Kevin Levin a package of raw cotton, ask him to let his students feel what it is. Then suggest having him tell his students - " Imagine you have to get the seeds out of a barn full of cotton" That way his students will understand what it was like.
I seriously doubt the kids from Boston have ever set foot in a cotton field.
 Heck for that matter I doubt many kids from Dixie have either.



I've gotten a couple request for raw cotton samples from other folks, maybe I'm on to something.
If ya want one, let me know.


  1. What are your pedagogical goals with this

    1. I would have thought you could have answered your own question by READING the post.
      However -- If we can show the students how difficult it was to remove the seed from the cotton ball, I'm sure they would have a better understanding of the life and hardships that were endured by the slaves that had the job.
      And how wonderful an invention the Cotton Gin was.

    2. Oh see, that sounds a lot like something your high priestess fictionalized in the excerpt linked below. Wonder how Connie feels about that plan? (Also, per Ed Ayers, your implied hunch that the cotton gin, etc would have led to the end of slavery is not supported by historical facts. Wrong again Boyo.)

    3. Connie can speak for herself, as for ----
      "your implied hunch that the cotton gin, etc would have led to the end of slavery is not supported by historical facts."
      I don't know what you been smokin but your cosmic insight is way off.
      RB, get help. You're lousing it Bubba.
      I implied nothing, I made a factual statement. The cotton gin was a wonderful invention ! Now you are free to read anything into that statement that you want to, nothin I can do about your delusions.

  2. Corey Meyer - November 9, 2014 at 2:10 PM
    I'll take some David. However, I don't get what the post is taking aim at, but it would be cool to have some for my students to see since we are starting a unit on Slavery and Civil Rights.

  3. The sample is in the mail, if you want a larger portion send me a S.A.S.E.