Thursday, November 20, 2014

How long will it take ?


  1. His Arizona State team doing well also. It has got to be him.

  2. Given his history of facetious claims, and outright lies ya gotta figure----

  3. Replies
      Now then do you really think the flaggers followed Simpson's advice ?
      (Remember, I'm one of em so I should know)

  4. Ever hear of sarcasm?

  5. fa·ce·tious



    adjective: facetious

    treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.

    I hardly think that anything the Flaggers do is a serious issue...

    1. Of course you don't think it's serious, it's not your heritage that's being attacked. Your "opinion" shows your lack of understanding of the Flaggers objective.
      For myself and the other Flaggers it's about stopping the " Disposal" of our Confederate ancestors memory.
      The old argument " I'm offended by that flag" just don't cut it.
      It seems the terms tolerance and inclusion don't apply to anything Confederate.
      "That flag reminds us of slavery" --- Really ? So the proposed "Slavery Museum" reminds you of something different ?
      Get a grip, our ancestors flags will continue to go up and stay up.
      You and all the other Floggers can bellyache and gripe all you want, after all it's your 1st amendment right, but so is the display of the battle flag.

    2. Why would anyone up in the North even care? Wandering around the Piney woods of East Texas, Yankees and what they're up to, isn't even the last thing on my mind.