Monday, November 3, 2014

Look ! Up in the Sky ----


  1. Can't wait for someone to get arrested for this.
    All the pictures you manufacture, why don't you get a tumblr you dipshit?

    1. Well that didn't take long !
      Within an hour of posting a "FICTIONAL" event, one of the floggers displays his mentality, complete with profanity.
      1. How can someone be arrested for something that has not happened ?
      2. I've no idea what "tumbir" is ! Why do I need it ?
      3. Why are you such a coward that you won't use your name ?
      ( I've got the IP address and the time it was sent, would your boss approve of this ? It is with tax payer money ! )

      Like I said it's a Fictional event, that I created, if I can be arrested for it "so be it."

  2. Anon, get arrested for what? Flying a drone isn't against any law.Regulations for drones are still being formulated.

    Dave, you don't need a Tumblr blog/account for images. That was a dumb, silly suggestion parading as derision, but Anon's silliness shows through. .

    1. Since drone is a fancy name for an RC plane or helicopter, I'd say the same rules for hobbyists, apply to these small drone. I'd say for government drones, which are full sized aircraft, FAA rules apply. But all this is just Yankee shock at Southerners use of technology. They still hadn't come to grips with our use of electricity.

  3. James, from what I've read, you're right. The rules for model aircraft apply to drones. They would be regulated for commercial use -- for example, a realtor photographing property for sale -- but not for personal use. Regs are coming; they just haven't been formulated yet.

    And, yes, yankees are affronted at our use of technology.