Sunday, March 13, 2011

True Southern Treasure©
Tall tales and long stories are still around.
Of Great Southern treasures - Buried deep in the ground.
Tales of Bright silver and boxes of gold.
from the Yankees , so no one was told.
No maps were made, because they might be found!
But TRUE southern treasure is not underground!
I’ve found the treasure - I share it with you!
As soon as you hear - you will know it is true
!So please listen careful - for now I shall tell!
It’s not Gold or silver, It’s our sweet Southern Belles’
For the Greatest of treasures in all of the land
Can’t match the soft touch - of a southern Belles hand.
Name all of the things that money can buy!
None are as lovely as a Southern Belles eyes.
Please think of something- go on take a while.
Name one thing as precisions - as a Southern Belles smile.
For our most valued treasure- we should thank God above.
For the greatest treasure of all - Is that Southern Belles LOVE!

David Tatum Jr. ®

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