Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Copyright Infringment?

A while back Kevin Levin and Robert Moore were poking fun at one of Mort Kunstler’s paintings, Kevin’s Blog title was “I think I’ve seen this painting before”

Moore had a similar post at the same time! I can’t find it right now But to my surprise this gem by Robert Moore is still posted!
I cant show the web page or I will commit the same infringement

Now then, at Kunstler’s web site it clearly states that he allows no reproductions of his work.

“ All illustrations by Mort K√ľnstler. Text by Dee Brown, Henry Steele Commager, Rod Gragg, Mort K√ľnstler, James McPherson, and James I. Robertson, Jr. - *Copyright © 2001-2009”

(* The legal right of creative artist or publishers to control the use of their original works)

Yet Kevin and Bobby chose to ignore this legality. Bobby tried to circumvent the issue by putting up a disclaimer that said “For educational purposes only”
After numerous messages from me the paintings were taken down and links provided.
If I remember correctly this is when I got banned from Kevin’s blog.
So by ignoring a plainly posted copyright statement and posting the painting were Kevin and Bobby doing the right thing? Is copyright infringement a crime?

Can Robert Moore show me a waiver from Kunstler that gives him permission to use the art work he has posted?

Let me close by saying “ *Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”
Oh wait a minute do I need to list the Author, so that I am not guilty of Plagiarism?

Dave Tatum
* Jesus


  1. I couldn't believe the comments over there. What sour grapes! What's it to them WHAT Kunstler paints, or how?

    They may like to palm themselves off as "academics" but what they are is moaners, whiners and bellyachers and you just KNOW if they had the power, they'd prohibit Kunstler from painting, just as they'd prohibit any comments about the Confederacy except their own putdowns.

    People who feel it necessary to engage in that kind of putdown are frequently motivated by the uncertainty of their own position.

    Incidently, a ocuple of Levin's groupies copied and pasted in a comments thread original material from my author website ( which has a clear copyright message on every page. I blogged about their cavalier attitude toward copyrighted material on my proSouthern blog here:

    Yep. First class, triple A jerks is what they are.

  2. Amen! An apt description is found in Proverbs 26:11. These guys are pitiful!