Monday, March 14, 2011

Black Confederates !

Black Confederates

With all of the Hoo Ha over the existence of Black Confederates being fact
or myth it seems pretty apparent that they existed, their status is the subject
of the Neo-Yankees. Were they documented? Did they carry a gun?
Were they slaves? Did they serve willingly? Did they draw a pension?
The list of questions as to their status goes on and on.

The advantage of a blog site is you can pretty much say what ya want to.
So I’m gonna take advantage of that !
“I don’t care if the Black Men who served the Confederacy were brought
down in space ships from Mars (surely the conditions were better than the ones in the Yankee slave ships) they were there, and it don’t make a Rats Bottom if they were cooks, musicians, teamsters, laborers or sharpshooters,
If they stood beside their white, and Native American counterparts during the war they were Black Confederates.

Why is that so hard for “some” folks to grasp?

I don’t care if you got 3 PhD’s from Harvard, a BS from Princeton, and a BA from Eureka (Hell you might as well throw in a Blue Ribbon from the FFA for the biggest Bull) Black Men fought for the Confederacy to stop the invading Yankee forces and protect their homes.
It’s the Truth so “Get Over It”


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