Thursday, March 17, 2011

Murder in Newport News !

A number of Murders have occurred in Newport News Virginia that are unsolved and to this point uninvestigated.

As I understand Virginia law felonies do not have a statute of limitations.

So as an extreme “Cold Case” the following information needs to be checked into. All Men and Women have certain rights that are forever granted and time has no restraints to the guarantee of these rights.

April 20th 1865 / A Negro sentinel shot a prisoner this morning. The negro claims that it was accidental. Of course it was. Every time a man has been shot this has been the excuse.

A report from May 8th 1865 / The negro guard last night bayoneted a prisoner without the slightest provocation, killing him upon the spot,
(May 7th night before)
Prison records indicate 2 men died on that date!
John H. Whitman, private. Fifty-seventh North Carolina, Company
K ; died May 7th; buried at P. West's farm.

B. Beckman, private, First South Carolina, Company F; died
May 7th; buried at P. West's farm.

Report From / Diary of Creed T. Davis. Richmond Howitzers

Why were these men in prison? They were captured Confederate soldiers.
What was their crime? Fighting for independence, NOT fighting to overthrow the existing government!

So it’s March 2011, There are still billions of gallons of oil someplace in the Gulf Coast, Global Warming is melting Greenland and the seas are rising, and the tragedy in Japan has Global implications. None of which I can change.

But I can investigate the Newport News Murders, and maybe name a killer, and find a small measure of justice for a man.
Persons of Interest !
Private John Gains, Company D, One hundred and twenty-second U. S. Colored Troops
Private Jack Eubanks, Company D, One hundred and twenty-second Regiment U. S. Colored Troops
Private Lewis Burris, Company D, One Hundred and twenty-second Regiment U. S. Colored Troops:
Second Lieutenant George B. Everett, Company A, Second U. S. Colored Cavalry:
Please note /
"This is not a "Black Witch Hunt" The evidence indicates that SOME of the killers were members of the USCT.
I don't care what color they were, I consider them all the same = Yankees !

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