Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Duel of Honor !
(Boys will be Boys)

During the war a matter of Honor prompted a duel between two of the Richmond Howitzers.
While camped in Spottsylvania county, Mr William G Lampkin who was considered a lady Charmer .and Mr TJ Macon would soon face off in a duel to the death.
Near the Poison Fields was the residence of Count Deaskie, and family. His family consisted of himself his wife and three daughters. Mr Lampkin being the lady charmer made himself a frequent visitor.
TJ Macon, Ben Lambert and Edward Barnes Decided to play a joke on William. The three young men went to the home while William was visiting. Mr Barnes during the course of the evening sand a song with a fine tenor voice which the Count had him repeat. They spent a fine evening.
Upon return to camp, Macon sent word to Lampkin that he felt he had been treated shabbily and expected satisfaction. A duel was arranged !
J B Lambert was Macon’s second and Barnes was second to Lampkin. The duel and location were agreed upon. The agreement stated that a maximum of three rounds would be used at 50 yards distance.
The duel went on as planned and went as far as the third shot ! On the 3rd shot Macon fell with blood showing over his heart. He was placed upon a litter mortally wounded and taken to camp.
As he lay in the tent life fading away he was paid a visit by the victor.
“How are you Tom” ? asked William. “Very well under the circumstances I thank you, and How are you?”
At this point William knew he had been taken, The guns contained only powder no shot and the blood came from a sponge placed under TJ’s shirt and an unwilling horse.
This duel must have kept the camp laughing for days !
I got the story from chapter X of the book Reminiscences of the First Company Richmond Howitzers by T.J. Macon

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