Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Staying Positive in Hard Times.

Times are tough in Dixie !

With slews of people calling for the eradication of anything and everything Confederate
Staying positive is also tough.

The suspicious death of Anthony Hervey is the focal point of a lot of Pro Confederate folks.
I designed a ribbon for him and was swamped with request from folks wanting one.

I flash batched 25 ribbons and expressed mailed them for his funeral.

Trying to keep away from negative thoughts is hard !

Where the Hell is Al Sharpton ?
 If Black lives matter (and they do) why is Al ignoring this situation ?

We also have this ---
Atlanta City Council wants more inclusive Stone Mountain memorial

Jimmy Carter and Martin Luther King on Stone Mountain ?

My thoughts on that idea ---

"People in Hell want Ice Water"

Moving right along --

The Virginia Flaggers have taken matters into their own hands to Guard Confederate Monuments.
I don't know the particulars or schedules, but Monuments in Richmond VA 
are being monitored to prevent vandalism.  

I made a set of ribbons for the Monument Guard !
Thanks for Guarding our History Folks !

The threat of Confederate Flags being banned from any Federal Cemetery
has caused a surge in Remember Coin request !
If ya can't put a flag up, place a coin !

I've also sent out a few molds and other folks have started making them !

Let's all stay Positive, and do good things !


  1. Nice work, David !!

    Personally, I think it would be quite an honor to be arrested for placing a memorial flag on an ancestor's grave. In hopes that the media attention, if covered, would highlight the ludicrousness anjd mean spiritedness of such a ruling.

  2. The Left's little power trip is creating a very huge backlash that we are only seeing the beginning of with these mass flaggings.