Sunday, July 5, 2015

Freddy goes to P Town.

Me and Freddy went to P-Town today !

First we got Freddy Ready !

Freddy is my 1993 Ford Festiva.

I had to get ready also !

First we went to the Portsmouth Monument !

A city councilman wants it removed !

Freddy found a good spot near the monument.

It's a Beautiful Monument !

All  of the Confederate Armed services are Represented.

My Favorite 

Freddy stood watch while I took pictures !

We got to City Park early !

After a while folks started showing up
 and signed the petition to save the Monument.

I took a Box of Ribbons and Remember coins.

Not far from the shelter where the petition was
stands another Confederate Monument.

And one for Lafayette !

Didn't take long for folks to startshowing up !

Folks were informed of the upcoming council meeting.

And the crowd was growing !

The Parking lot was filling up !

And the crowd grew.

WAVY TV 10 Showed up and interviewed Frank Earnest.

The crowd continued to grow !

None of the 154 Ribbons I made
 went back home with me !

And we had music !

Click Below.

It was a wonderful Event !


WAVY TV 10 news item

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