Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mr Mayor ---

This is an open letter to 

Kenneth Wright, Mayor Portsmouth VA.

Mr Mayor,

 My name is David Tatum Jr. I was born in Maryview hospital in 1954. I've lived at several locations in Portsmouth, I work in Portsmouth, I shop in Portsmouth, so don't let the fact that I currently live in Suffolk have any less effect than if I were able to vote in Portsmouth.

Your recent support to remove the Confederate monument on High Street is like a blind man playing Frisbee, you got hit with something you didn't see coming.  

Mr Mayor, let me ask you " As Mayor what gives you the right to seek the removal of a monument that does not belong to the city" ? A monument that is protected by law !

§ 15.2-1812. Memorials for war veterans.

I would also like to ask you about the timing of your position, Why Now ? Why not last year ?
If it's wrong now, it was wrong last year and for 147 years before. So why now ?

Let me guess, "The murders in S.C." that have created an Erase all things Confederate movement.
And you, not wanting to miss the bandwagon have road the coattails of the tragedy to promote your personal agenda. That's pathetic !

Mr Mayor, IF you were able to have the monument taken down, what would be next ?

Would you back fill Dry Dock 1 at the N.N.S.Y.

The CSS Virginia was outfitted there.

Heck I guess you would want the whole shipyard closed, take a close look at the flag on the right!

NNSY Portsmouth - Gate C
That's the First National Flag / CSA.

The "Stars and Bars"

Don't stop there how about street names ----
Lee Street
Lee Ave.
Jackson Street
And Others ---

Mr Mayor, I think you should take a look at your actions and your own prejudice.

You should also heed the words of  Isoroku Yamamoto -----

 "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."


As well as pay attention to Newtons 3rd Law. 

For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.

David Tatum Jr 


  1. The Confederate Monument in Portsmouth is on the register of National Historic sites and is protected by law. I believe any attempt to alter or remove it would be a violation of law.,_Virginia)