Monday, July 13, 2015


Remember a while back when the "Knock Out Game" was going around ?

Well there is a new Game in town / "Snatch The Flag"

Now people are Having their flags stolen / destroyed on private property !

Look HERE & Here & HERE for a few of the stories.

This Video says it all !

Yeeeesh, not content with the movement to erase all things Confederate from public property
the attack now moves to private property !

Well Bubba I keep putting up flags --

My Front Yard

The end of my driveway.
An earlier picture of the same flag I posted on F/B got  this comment from a flogger --

" David, I see on Facebook and Twitter that you are flying your 13 star 1st National at your house...well on the power/telephone companies pole. Do you have permission to do that? Just curious. I wonder if they would approve...might have to email them. "

So I sent him their contact information !


Your welcome to try to take mine !

But this old Fat Man don't play by your rules !


  1. My flagpole is protected by booby trap, anyone who tries to make off with my Confederate or US flags are going to need an EMT.

    1. Now Now Carl, you know some folks are entitled to express their dissatisfaction with all things Confederate.
      Even if it means trespassing, theft and destruction of private property.
      And the sad thing is if someone is injured destroying your flag you will get sued and probably have to pay.
      But some things are worth the price !