Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dave Tatum's Bucket Challenge.

Remember a while back the Ice Bucket Challenge was going around ?

Well I got a new challenge for ya !

The Soap Bucket Challenge !

First thing you need is a bucket of Soapy Water.

Then go find a Confederate Tombstone !

I found this one at Ceder Hill Cemetery in Suffolk VA.

It still had the Remember Coin I placed a while back !
And had mildew starting to form on it.

Then take your bucket of Soapy Water - with mild soap and a soft brush --

And give it a good scrubbing !

It ain't Rocket Science !
( I left a new coin)

If you are up for the challenge, and you Document it, Take some pictures,
I will send you a free REMEMBER COIN to place at the grave.

Get off Facebook, get into the real world and make a difference.

Are you willing to take the Challenge ?

Check the type of soap you use -

You can use a non-ionic detergent (mix an ounce of the detergent in a gallon of water) because unlike most other detergents, it does not cause the deposition of soluble salts on the gravestone. You can find non-ionic detergents at janitorial, photographic, and conservation supplies.

And give the stone a good rinse ! with clean water.

 I checked out cleaners that are OK to use on Tombstones, guess what I found ? 
A non-ionic detergent =
Dawn Professional Liquid Detergent - about 5 bucks at Staples !


I've been told not to use Dawn, instead use---


  1. Great Work !! Wonderful and meaningful challenge. A nice added touch would be to place a stick flag by headstone. [><]

    1. I didn't have a Flag to place so I left a new Remember Coin !