Friday, June 27, 2014

"It's the little things" ----

It's the little things that start to add up, 
and after a while you start to get annoyed and actually consider the conspiracy thing.

I sent some ribbons to the VA Flaggers, look what happened --

OK OK it was an accident, a mechanical snafu.
( Yea Right ! )

Meanwhile at The Old Lee County Courthouse
a historic site in Fort Myers Fla.

This oversight was spotted.

Reportedly the portrait of Robert E Lee was left covered by mistake,
Robert Jackson asked the folks in charge about the screen.

"I talked to them and they claim it was down for a meeting and they usually keep it up.
 I told them it was a crying shame and I hope it wasn't trying to be politically correct."

Well it took a few minutes and four people and a key to get the screen raised.

Thank you Mr. Jackson we all should be so attentive.

It's the little things that go unnoticed or unmentioned that are choking out our Southern Heritage.

That's why things like this --
The removal of the flags at the Chapel 
Are being responded to this way --

Sadly it's never gonna stop

Things like this --- 
       Change the names of Petersburg schools named after Confederate generals.                                         click here 

---- are gonna continue to happen.

But fortunately folks like this --
    are growing in numbers .
And will not look the other way.

So I guess you will continue to see more of this --

                                  and this --                                           

And as long as people like this --
 (yep that's me)
are willing to take a stand,

 folks like this--
Will have a hard Row to Hoe !

Andy, Al, Brooks and Kevin--