Saturday, June 21, 2014

A moral conundrum.

What to do, what to do ?

People love my home made ribbons ---

They are made out of clay, they are a copy of this coin.

I make a clay impression
This is my mold.

I put clay in the mold and add a safety pin
then put it under a small fan.

After an hour or so they pop out--
They turn out like this --

Then I paint Em !

Then I design a ribbon,
 I use double stick tape and place blank ribbon on the print out--

after all is said and done I put em together
with tape.

To mail them is about $1.50 / Envelope (padded) .65.

So coming up with a fair price is kinda hard.

People want them, but I want people to know exactly what they are getting.

I make em one at a time and it's labor intensive.



This is my latest Batch of Ribbons.

The only way to get one is to Contact the VA Flaggers
Donations will be accepted.

Va Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

Please be mindful of shipping costs when you donate.

Include a note that states you would like a ribbon.

Thanks to all who complimented my ribbons and requested one.


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