Monday, June 30, 2014

Different Strokes, --

One of the things that separates Us from Them is our conduct.

Three days after First Manassas, T J Jackson was nursing a wound to his hand rinsing it in cool spring water. He was approached by Captain J. D. Imboden who three days before had been upset with Jackson and uttered some profanity on the battle field.
Attempting to give an apology he was stopped short by Jackson who said.
" Nothing can justify profanity"

I'm not saying all folks from the south adhere to Jackson's statement.
Even I have been known to let a cuss word fly out. Usually it has something to do with  traffic in my case.
And I am in the confines of my car. No one can hear me.
But as a general rule I and many others refrain from public displays of profanity.
In a back room poker game profanity is expected and used as a bluff many times.
But in a public setting I find it unacceptable / unnecessary.

I do see, more times than I should, Southern folks in comments sections on line using inappropriate language.
My buddy John Stone's put it this way -- " Cursing is the result of a weak mind, trying to be forceful"
I wish all Southerner's would take to heart General Jackson's statement " Nothing can justify profanity."
( yes even in poker games) The same applies to the northern friendly folks.

I was going to shine the light on one northern fellow in particular, but he would just love more attention, so I decided against it. 

So what I'm saying is -- "let's all try to be a bit more respectful in our conduct and use something other than profanity". I'll do my part !



    1. Thanks Rob, I however got my information from a book by John Selby,
      "Stonewall Jackson as a Military Commander"
      Selby's source for this quote (on page 26) is listed as B&L,i,238
      Battles and Leaders .

  2. You need to tag Jerry Dunford in this post. lol.

  3. Shucks Rob, I could tag a zillion people in this post.
    But I tried to make it an across the board deal.
    Pro South and Pro north.
    The interesting thing is it was a pro Southerner commenting at Simpson's blog that got me going on this post.
    And please notice I included myself as one who uses profanity.

    pro·fan·i·ty [ prō fánnətee ]

    profane language or behavior: language or behavior that shows disrespect for God, any deity, or religion

    profane word or phrase: a word or phrase that shows disrespect for God, any deity, or religion

  4. My thing with profanity is, it's relative. I probably would have told Jackson to shove it up his Calvinist rear.

    1. Well Rob you have helped me make my point.
      There is no way I would have answered the General in such a impudent manor. My parents raised me to respect others, even if I disagree.
      And for Captain Imboden to have replied in such a way would have constituted insubordination.

    2. Can't say that I really care if it made your point Dav, which I don't think it does.

      Profane, as you posted it, doesn't have anything to do with respect amongst human beings but disrespect for God. And I'll have no man sit in judgement over my actions, including "Stonewall" and his religious dogma. To me, he is profane by being a Calvinist. But that is the Wesleyan Arminianist in me.

    3. Rob arguing religions is a waste of time.
      I'm a Free Will Baptist ( that's as close as I can define it )
      I have a very simple philosophy & belief on religion ----
      "Treat others as you wish to be treated"
      I try to treat others with respect, cause that's the way I wish to be treated. "Case Closed"