Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Ray Of Sunshine.

( from the VA Flaggers Web Page)

Confederate flag at Citadel protected under state law, AG says
The Post & Courier, Charleston June 10 2014
"The Confederate Naval Jack flag in Summerall Chapel at The Citadel is allowed under state law, the Attorney General's Office announced today.
"In our opinion, this flag would be protected in its present location by the Heritage Act as a 'monument' or 'memorial' erected on public property of the state," Solicitor General Robert D. Cook states in a letter to the two senators requesting the ruling.
"The General Assembly has mandated, by virtue of the Heritage Act, that monuments and memorials honoring the gallantry and sacrifice of this state's various wars are protected," Cook says.
"It is thus our opinion that the Flag referenced in your letter, the Confederate Battle Flag, placed in Summerall Hall in 1939 is protected by the Heritage Act," Cook says.
Charleston County Council member Henry Darby raised questions about the appropriateness of the flag in a house of worship on The Citadel campus.
Last week, County Council voted to delay disbursement of $975,000 in funding for the debt on Johnson Hagood Stadium renovations pending the outcome of the AG's opinion.
"It's time for us to move on. It's not a battle between the county and The Citadel. It's not our fight," said County Council Chairman Teddie Pryor.
Darby raised the issue at the request of constituents, Pryor said. Darby was not immediately available for comment.
Pryor said the college will receive the check for stadium renovations in the new budget starting in July."
The Citadel Veterans will not be dishonored! We join citizens across the country in thanking God for this key, decisive victory, but can't help but assume that the Confederate Battle flags at the Confederate Memorial Chapel in Richmond would have been protected, and the Battle Flags at General Lee's mausoleum at Washington & Lee University would not be in danger...if Virginia had a similar law...
Let's make a Virginia Heritage Act a priority for the next legislative session...and protect ALL of Virginia's history!

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