Thursday, April 27, 2017

Qualified Contractors ?

While looking at the numerous Pictures and videos of the Monument removal in New Orleans-
I've spotted several O.S.H.A. safety violations in the still pictures and videos that have been posted on line. Hooking the straps directly to the forks doing the lifting is one,The straps being used in the rigging are frayed, in another one of the workers is climbing on the railing of a man lift to attach the straps, that is also a violation.Neither of the workers in the second picture have Fall Protection Harnesses on ! Another Violation ! That raises questions about the qualifications of the "Contractor's" Who I have read were Fire Fighters of the City. I have not verified this claim of Fire Fighters doing the work. ****

Employees shall always stand firmly on the floor of the basket, and shall not sit or climb on the edge of the basket or use planks, ladders, or other devices for a work position.

A personal fall arrest or travel restraint system that meets the requirements in subpart I of this part shall be worn and attached to the boom or basket when working from an aerial lift.

Neither are wearing a Fall Arrest System, and one is standing on the guard rail !

Take a close look at the Straps being used !
The edges are frayed !
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O.S.H.A. States ---
"Do not use worn or damaged slings or attachments. Discard or repair them."
"Where any such damage or deterioration is present, remove the sling or attachment from service immediately."



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  1. I just noticed that in the first picture the small silver hook on the bottom of the lift does not have a safety clasp, another violation !