Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Check has been Cashed !

Well it seems that Goad (The Toad) Gatsby let his mouth write a check.
I posted about it HERE
Now a Judge in Richmond VA has made him pay up.

On Friday Aug 19 2016 Goad was found guilty of misdemeanor charges in a Richmond courtroom.

The charges were filed after this incident- WARNING BAD LANGUAGE
( click HERE )

All children were ordered out of the court room after initial testimony.

Goad's lawyer unsuccessfully tried to have the charges dismissed.
Babbling some kind of  since no one acted on the rant defense !

The Judge disagreed and found him GUILTY !

Goad was ordered to pay a small fine. The Judge also told Goad to -
 "Clean up your language, young man"

More legal action shall follow. (Civil)

When I first posted about this case I got a comment from a Flogger in GA.
(I did not post it)
The Flogger told me that Profanity was protected by the First Amendment.

Well that strikes one lawyer wanna be off my hiring list !

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