Sunday, August 21, 2016

A visit to Blanford Cemetery, Petersburg VA.

I started off with a bunch of Remembrance Coins !

I guess it was about 60 all together.

Drove up to Blanford Cemetery in Petersburg VA.

I've had a number of folks ask me how I apply them ---

Pic #1 shows what I"m using today, it's a waterproofing material used in concrete work, it stays sticky but can easily be removed without damage to whatever you stick it to.


Pic #2 shows a small dab on the back of a coin.

When I got to Blanford Cemetery I just got out and walked towards the Flags !

I'll post a few of the pictures here --

I put out 47 Coins Today.
There are 30.000 Confederate Soldiers at Blanford.

I'm just staying positive and doing what I can to thank our Confederate Soldiers.

To see all of today's Pictures click Here !

May God Bless All of our Confederate Soldiers !

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