Monday, June 27, 2016

His mouth wrote a check ----


Walking down the sidewalk after leaving the Trump rally early, one of our Flaggers came upon a group of Anti-Trump protesters marching down the street, screaming obscenities, and began to video them, when he noticed that Mr. Goad was among the group.  When he approached him, "Toad" (as we affectionately nicknamed him) became unhinged and began screaming profanities directed at him personally, and inciting the mob to attack him.  The Richmond Police immediately intervened, but not before Toad had violated several laws....on film.   You can watch the video here... **Warning:  Graphic profanity**

That weekend, a warrant was sworn out for misdemeanor curse and abuse, and was served the same day .  Mr. Goad is scheduled to be arraigned in Richmond.

We will be in court to do everything in our power to see that justice is served, and send a strong message that while we will not be "goaded" (no pun intended) into reacting in kind to these attempts to incite, we are not going to tolerate these kinds of violent attacks on our Flaggers, and that every attempt to intimidate us only strengthens our resolve.

( This post is from an E-mail I got from the VA Flaggers )


  1. Go get 'em!
    Now let's see what happens with our people out in Cal-lib-fornia...

  2. I believe he may actually be a narcissist or a sociopath.