Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The 7 X 7 Cross of Honor

I've been experimenting with a new item.
a small Cross of Honor --

I've sent a few test pieces out, and they were well liked.

About 7 X 7 inches with a "REMEMBER" coin embedded in the center.
And C.S.A. is pressed into its blades.

I've also gotten a good reaction to my new ribbon design ---

It takes two separate programs to make the GRAY Ribbons
but folks seem to like them much better.

This is a new set I call
Virginia's Finest.
The Ribbons have matching coins.

So I'm staying positive, ignoring the haters and commotion I can't control.

If you are interested in either contact me here, or at F/B or at my E-Mail

Stay Positive my friends !

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