Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A statue for the common man.

With all the fuss over the Lee statue in C-Ville it's easy to overlook another.

The Statue for the common man.

Not a general, but the average man. Who put his life on the line to stop an invading army !

William Meade Dame explains the Average man very well --

Private, First Company Richmond Howitzers

In 1861 a ringing call came to the manhood of the South. The world knows how the men of the South answered that call. Dropping everything, they came from mountains, valleys and plains—from Maryland to Texas, they eagerly crowded to the front, and stood to arms. What for? What moved them? What was in their minds?

Shallow-minded writers have tried hard to make it appear that slavery was the cause of that war; that the Southern men fought to keep their slaves. They utterly miss the point, or purposely pervert the truth.

In days gone by, the theological schoolmen held hot contention over the question as to the kind of wood the Cross of Calvary was made from. In their zeal over this trivial matter, they lost sight of the great thing that did matter; the mighty transaction, and purpose displayed upon that Cross.

Just read what is on the statue !

Pretty poignant wording !

Notice the VA Seal at the Bottom !

Just in case the P.C. crowd succeeds in having the Lee statue removed,
I have no doubt the one in front of the court house will go also.

But "IF" they have success I have a small piece they can't take !
Using clay and plaster of Paris I made a copy of the Emblem.

God Bless the Defenders of Virginia !