Sunday, April 3, 2016


I've got a new project that I'm happy with !

I call it - Virginia's Finest 

It's a simple concept --

A way to honor three of Virginia's Finest Men.

A lot of work goes into making these ribbons -

 I had the J.E.B. coin for years, so I had to find the matching coins.

Once that was done ---
The hardest part was next - making the molds / presses ,
Every time you copy something you get some loss of image.

If you're going to make something with an image of such Honorable men on it

You gotta get it right !

Then you make the coins --

I've described the process before you can see how to do it


After you make the coins you gotta put the pins on --

Then you paint them by hand !

( These coins didn't make the cut, my QC guy is tough)

Then you make the Ribbons --

I have developed a system using a Photo Shop type program and my printer.

After the ribbons are made you gotta glue em on the coins

So I can put anything you want on a Ribbon.

These WWII Vet's were a custom set I made by request.

I also made a set for the V.V.O.C,

And I still make the "REMEMBER" coins that are placed on Confederate Veteran's Graves.

AND I've put up a New 5' X 8" flag --

There is a lot going on that I can't control Monuments under attack and flags being removed --

But there is a lot I can do !

And as long as I'm breathing I'm going to do what I can !

I keep trying new things
Sometimes it works !!!!

I have to use two different programs but I like the new ribbons a lot better !

First Batch --


  1. Well Done! A labor of love! [><]

    1. It's frustrating at times, but once I get the basic Design made, it's very easy !

  2. Love your work, David! A labor of love!