Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Portsmouth's Mayor Ignores the law.

The circus in P-Town continues ---

Ya'll Remember this CLOWN ?

The Honorable (?) Kenneth I. Wright

He's the Mayor of Portsmouth VA who is leading the movement to remove the
 Confederate Monument

Well last night after the city council meeting ---
 where he led the successful effort to fine Councilman Bill Moody for being 
Transparent about the effort to remove the monument

William E. "Bill" Moody, Jr., Councilman

“You’re not gonna muzzle me, I was elected by the people and I will keep the people informed,”

(Story HERE !! )

--- Portsmouth's Sheriff , 
Bill Watson

Noticed that Mayor Wright had an Expired inspection sticker on his car.

Sheriff Watson stopped the Mayor who brushed off the Sheriff and drove away !

The local TV station has the Video  HERE !

Just who does this Indignant Buffoon think he is ???

Does he think he is above the law ??

It's time for the citizens of Portsmouth VA to RECALL this Idiot !


Local TV stations report that Felony Charges are pending against Mayor Wright
for Felony Eluding ! 

( I guess we will see the Race card being thrown now ! )


  1. How long until Wright plays the race card?

    1. I'm guessing that when he's the subject of a recall by the voters of Portsmouth that card will be thrown.