Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Suppositions and Twisted Logic ---

On of the things that kills me about the Floggers is their Twisted logic that only goes one way !

Take this picture ---- With text from Simpsons Blog

"Left to right: Billy Bearden, Karen Cooper, Tripp Lewis, Susan Hathaway, Matthew Heimbach. Birds of a feather, flagging together."

Yep the old "BIRDS OF A FEATHER" argument !

Let's say for a moment that the supposition is true,
so by following that logic what about these pictures?

Rosalyn Carter and John Gacy.

Is Mrs. Carter a wack job who dresses up like a clown and murders young boys ?
( or at least approves of the practice)
If you follow Simpsons logic YES !

How about these two ---

British Prime Minister  Chamberlain 
 walks past a Nazi honor guard on the way to a meeting with Adolf Hitler

Bosom Buddies for sure !
Smiling and shaking hands, it's what Best Friends do ! 
What could go wrong ?

Twisting a photo op into a nonexistent alliance is what the Floggers are doing,
And continue to do using flawed logic and implied suppositions. 

I did the same thing with my last Blog Post ( sort of )

Plagiarism at ASU.

I posted it to show how false connections, using the "Birds of a Feather*" logic
or a Photo op can be made.

* Simpson and Whitaker were teaching history at the same place so they are the same.

God Bless the Flaggers.
I'm proud to be one !