Sunday, September 6, 2015

You "CAN" Judge a Book by its Cover ! ----

The past few days I've been trying to adjust my Body Clock  for my new job.
No more Ghettos, I'm moving to a factory !

So after 5 years of Graveyard shift I'm moving to 1st shift and daylight hours.

I'm doing everything I can to stay awake and to do so I'm keeping busy !

I've added to my book collection ---

Notice the center book on top !

It's really an old Cigar Box ! 

So I made some alterations to it ---

I inserted an old Post Office Box Door.

It's kind of small, but heck I ain't got that much valuable stuff to stash !

I think it's a neat idea, and it kept me awake for an hour or two !

Oh well on to my next project ! ------

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