Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Back to P Town !!

It's a nice breezy overcast day,

so I decided to take a trip to P-Town ( Portsmouth VA )
to thank some Confederate Veterans

First order of business was get Freddy Ready -

 Can't go to P-Town without puttin on your best !

Me and Freddy went to --

I took a small bag of Remember coins,
I make the coins for a number of reasons, including to be left at the graves of Confederate Veterans.

 I should have taken a bucket load !

When I arrived the grounds keeper said he had no problem with me placing the coins.

The first Veteran was --

He was an engineer of the CSS Virginia.

Then I started a short walk to the Confederate section--

Along the way I found several Veterans---

Freddy had my back !

There were a lot of Confederate Veterans to thank

I got to the Designated Veterans section ---

The stone itself was from "Dry Dock One" 
where the CSS Virginia was built.

( I've worked in that Dry Dock )

I did not have enough coins but I placed all I had ---

The Confederate section was well kept and was a wonderful spot
to stop by and REMEMBER !


I was told the Battle flag was replaced with the VA flag to help reduce vandalism.

Next up me and Freddy went to the Confederate monument --

Freddy stood guard ---

Then me and Freddy went back to Suffolk and had lunch ---

Freddy stood guard again !

It was a great morning !


  1. That was great. A have a lump in my throat. Wish I had caught up with you when you visited. Give my regards to Freddie.
    Oh, and feel free to peruse my Blog. Thanks.