Thursday, September 17, 2015

Prove it - Chump.

I love it when cowards who are too ashamed to use their real names leave comments.

  Such is the case with 
Champ Livingston

Champ left a comment on my last post WHATS THE DIFFERENCE.

Champ said -
"The difference? Lincoln's views changed and Harris' didn't." 

Champ I'd like you to prove that ! 
The last time I checked, up until he got snuffed
Lincoln was still in favor of the deportation of Blacks.

Lincoln's home state of Illinois had laws that prevented the Black population from settling there.

You can read about it HERE.
Now then before you claim the laws were not enforced ( you've said that before)

Lincoln was a RACIST no two ways about it. 

Now then "Champ" care to come clean ?
Use your real name, and back up what you claim !

I doubt you will, that's the way cowards like you operate.


You Floggers need to huddle up and get your history Straight.

The Flogger from Georgia (RB) says - " there is no evidence anywhere that Lincoln supported the deportation of black people during the Civil War"

The Flogger from Illinois (CM) says - " The colonization that Lincoln discusses and supported during the war was voluntary. "

OK, OK, I'm sure the explanation will be, Deportation and Colonization are two different things,
But in my book it's the same thing !

Ethnic Cleansing
Colonization (in Lincoln's Case)
They are all apples on the same tree.

"A rose by any other name" --- Lincoln was a racist !

The folks in Illinois by enacting laws to prevent blacks from settling there

Summation --

Ya ain't gotta be a police officer to recognize a crime has been committed,
 nor a firefighter to realize your house is on fire.
And even a simpleton can understand Lincoln was a racist !

However Lincoln's myth and status as "The Great Emancipator"
are what we are expected to believe.

I'm in favor of having the Lincoln Memorial turned into a parking lot.
After all--
Parking in DC is hard to come by !


  1. I Got an interesting comment from a fellow in Georgia who "forgot"to use his name.
    He's one of the few Floggers I have a grain of respect for.
    But if ya don't want to use your name,ya stays in the Phantom Zone !

  2. Rob Baker has left a new comment on your post " Prove it - Chump.":

    I had a whole comment typed up and then I hit the refresh button - such is life. Here is the summary.

    Deportation and Colonization are two vastly different things.

    Lincoln joined the American Colonization Society in the mid 1850s. The ACS began in 1816 - in a way as a solution to the "free black problem." It's early prominent members were James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Francis Scott Key, and Henry Clay. Although many prominent political elite slave-owners were involved - believing the presence of free blacks encourage slave dissent and runaways - the majority of the ACS's members were philanthropists who encouraged opportunities for free black to relocate. Lincoln's membership is where much of the deportation myth originates. However, we can not know for certain what Lincoln's personal ambitions were during the war - colonization or deportation. His actions and writings indicate colonization as he never penned or spoke for forced relocation. By 1865, it is completely obvious that he did not intent deportation. His final speech mentioned black suffrage, or, the right to vote.

    Having said that, I'd like to point out that the issue of racism and the issue of slavery are different things that can be interchangeable in the United States. This often gets lost on people, especially heritage advocates. Racism was a national disease, race based slavery was a southern disease. Abolitionists, Free-Soilers, Republicans, all abhorred slavery in one way or another but more specifically, they abhorred slavery's expansion. This, however, is not the same thing as saying they were not racists or that racism did not exist in the North.

    Heritage advocates often point to groups like the ACS and/or Lincoln's membership in the ACS as a tu quoque way of diverting attention away from the South. This is an odd distraction as if Lincoln being a racist somehow vindicates claims that the war had nothing to do with slavery. It doesn't. I think it's more of a feeble attempt to tear down the symbol of defeat. Regardless, only stupid people argue that racism only existed in the South.

    1. Fair enough ! As I said you are one of the few floggers I have respect for.

      My errant use of the term "Deportation" has taught me to be more careful.

    2. It's all good - it happens to everyone. Ask Jimmy Dick about using the word "secession" in a paper sometime.

  3. Rob Baker has left a new comment on your post " Prove it - Chump.":

    Also, it says "Rob Baker" when I click "publish." If it comes out as "RB" or "RLBAKER87" on your end, I really can't control that.

    1. Neither can I ! All I can read is what comes to me in the message, I then check comment against my Stat tracker to see what The IP address is.
      Why your comments come in different from time to time is a mystery to me,
      sometimes it's Rob Baker sometimes it's Unknown, I don't send em I only receive em, and have no control over the name associated with the post.