Monday, September 28, 2015

The Flaggers 4th Picnic.

I went to the VA Flaggers Annual Picnic yesterday, it was fantastic, I got to see folks I hadn't seen in a while.

Don't let the picture fool you !

We had a great turn out !

My Grand Kids  "Buddy" and Emma were there with me.

It was a "Family" oriented event.

I got stick flags for my whole family, My Grand Son told me--
                                                       Pa Pa, I love my flag.
 He wanted to take his flag to school today, but his mom talked him out of it. BUT he did carry it to 7/11 and back home, waving it proudly the whole way! That is a brave thing to do in Portsmouth VA.
I know your Mom had your back "Buddy",

There was an educational segment just for kids,
That was fantastic.

My Grand Daughter is wearing the T-Shirt she won in the Raffle.

They got a  lesson on the flags of the CSA.

And some field training on Black Powder Rifles. 

And I won two items this year at the Raffle
( I was beginning to think it was rigged LOL)
I won a 2nd national and a wall plaque 

We had a chance to thank the "Monument Guard"
The folks who have been keeping an eye on the monuments in Richmond.

And to thank Manny who helped Catch and prosecute one Vandal 

We had some nice rides there !

There was an "Eye in the Sky !

I got a good guess who was operating it ! 
 I took my Grand Kids to meet Mr Lewis.

It was a great Time, and I had some of the best BBQ I've ever eaten.

I'n looking forward to next year !