Monday, April 6, 2015

Slavery was Embedded in Southern Economics !

One of the things I touched on in my talk with my Granddaughter was the fact that her 
GGGGG Grandfather was a Slave Trader.

It's kind of a tough subject for an 8 year old to grasp.
But I insist that my Grand Kids know the whole truth.

Josiah Tatum was a Slave Trader.

I posted his Will before, you can see it HERE !

How do you explain to an 8 year old that her ancestor was a Slave Dealer ?

I guess the best way is with the truth !

Southern Economics had strong ties to Slavery.

From the book

I have found an interesting note --

So Josiah Tatum was one of the other means of assurance that a crop could be harvested.

If you did not own slaves, you could rent them.

That's what Josiah did, a copy of one of his contracts is here --

I've already spoke with my Granddaughter about it !

I think she is gonna have to be a bit older to understand the whole thing.

I'm not going to hide her Heritage from her, I'm going to present it to her when she is older.

It's a tough subject, but one that needs to be explained !

Sometimes Grand Dad's job ain't so easy ! 


  1. Good for you, Dave. Too bad she's eventually going to run into flogger types who will deprive her GGGGG Grandfather of his human-ness in order to totally define him as a slave-trader. That's what they do. Certain people they don't like (certain Southerners) aren't people -- they're slave-owners or slave-traders or white supremacists... a distinction they never apply to others who are just as flawed... Anyway, I applaud your approach and efforts.

    1. The truth is what it is. I hope I will be able to fairly explain my ancestors role in the "Business of Slavery" to my Grandchildren.