Monday, April 13, 2015

Making the "Remember Coins"

I've gotten a good response on Face Book to my Remember Coins !

I make em to leave at the graves of Confederate Soldiers.

I also use em on The Honor Ribbons I make.

This is the coin, my good friend Wayne Rowe gave it to me some time ago.

It's a Challenge coin !

It is a copy of the shields on the sides of the monument in
Richmond VA. to the Richmond Howitzers.

A lot of folks want some, so I'm letting y'all know how I make em !

I start off with --

I use this cause it won't decay !

I make a mold, making a good mold is the key ! 

Them I make up a ball of the same putty, coat the mold with Olive Oil
and press it into the mold.

Even with the oil they tend to stick, so I gotta watch em and get em out when the time is right !

After they dry and harden I paint em !

So That's how I do it !

I sell them at cost I don't make a profit off them !

The latest batch !


I'm always trying to improve the quality of the coins.

I've found a better way.

This test coin is a bit out of round but the small lettering is easy to read.
That was a problem with the old way I made em, hard to read the small words.

I've changed to an oven baked clay -

And I use a STAMP instead of a mold.

I stamp the clay and put the coins in the oven.

They come out easy to read and are a lot stronger, much harder than with air-dry clay.
And with better detail than epoxy !

Then I paint em, and they are good to go !

Yeeeee Haw !


  1. hey, i know wayne rowe. hes a reenactor from rhode island. i was part of his confederate unit. i lost my challenge coin a long time ago. is it possable to have you make a copy for me? havnt seen wayne since he retired from the naval college. how is he btw?

    1. Contact me at I'll see what I can do.