Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Without Firing a Shot !

Today on my way into town I stopped by Cedar Hill Cemetery in Suffolk VA.

You can read more HERE

I decided to practice what I preach.
 I've been making "Remember" coins to be left at the graves of Confederate Soldiers.

I decided to place a few today.

My First stop was at The Tom Smith Monument.

Tom Smith is the name of the local SCV Camp.
More on Tom Smith HERE

I left a coin at the base of the monument.

I also left one at his grave.

It's not hard to find a Confederate Grave at Cedar Hill so I stopped and placed a few more.

No Honor Guard, or Cannon fire, No ceremony at all.

Just a grateful descendant of a Confederate Soldier who stopped by to say Thanks !  


  1. Ever though about trying to make medallions that are biodegradable?

    1. That's easy, I can make em out of AIR DRY CLAY and paint em with a water base paint. A few weeks in the weather and they would be gone !

    2. Right, much like flowers on a grave. However, it would be much more eco friendly.

    3. Well the folks who want the coins have the option.

  2. Just a btw, some cemeteries have rules requiring bio-friendly add-ons to graves. Keep a look out.