Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kevin Levin's shortsightedness

Every once in a while I check out Flogger Blogs,

I did so today and found Kevin being shortsighted and misinformed 
on Lee / Jackson day in Virginia.

Kevin states -

" I can say with confidence that very few people formally acknowledged the holiday. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find any formal recognition of the holiday throughout the state beyond the Sons of Confederate Veterans and other heritage groups. "

Wow !! I guess Kevin doesn't remember that Lee / Jackson Day
is a State Holiday in Virginia.

VA State Holidays for 2015
State Holidays January 1
 New Year’s Day January 2 8 hours additional holiday time
  January 16 Lee-Jackson Day
 January 19 Martin Luther King, Jr.
 Day February 16 George Washington Day
 May 25 Memorial Day
 July 3 Independence Day
 September 7 Labor Day
 October 12 Columbus Day 
November 11 Veterans Day 
November 25 4 hours additional holiday time
 November 26 Thanksgiving November 27 Day After Thanksgiving
 December 24 8 hours additional holiday time December 25 Christmas 

All state employees get the day off WITH PAY !

Now then that sure seems like "Formal Recognition" to me !

I haven't heard of one state employee refusing the day off or returning the day's pay.

Atta Boy Kevin, call em like you see em.


In true Levin style Kevin re-invents his definition of formal and tries to claim victory.

Now I gotta agree, Lee / Jackson Day ain't what it once was.

Yep it's still a State Holiday, but it ain't on any calenders I've seen.

The Left Wingers / PC crowd are trying to put it in the Memory Hole.

But it ain't dead by a long shot !

Lexington still gives a Presentation
see it Here

The Public still recognizes the Day - Here

 Holidays tend to change with time, Santa has replaced Jesus, so has the Easter Bunny .

But no one has yet replaced Lee / Jackson.

It may fade with time, but Shall Not  be forgotten.


  1. People like Levin can't see past their pointy little noses.

  2. Kevin comes by a few times a week, he has A total of 224 visits to this Blog, but he never leaves a comment.
    I guess he is afraid to come out of the Protective Walls Of Flogger Land.

  3. Soon to be off the books and will be forgotten in my lifetime. How does it feel to know that we are moving beyond your backwards worldview for good?

    1. Wow Alex how about filling me in on the location of the Fountain of Youth.
      Because with groups like the VA Flaggers / SCV and other folks, Lee Jackson Day is gonna be around a loooooong time.
      It's unfortunate that Left Wingers like you have such a narrow view of the Confederacy.

  4. Likesay, you can't possibly harm enough kids through homeschool/lie to them about history to keep your myths around much longer. Put your flags up by the car dealership devoid of context an without any lessons - it teaches nothing and makes you look petty. Thank about it, you are using your own "sacred" banner as punitive retribution. Learn how to be better activists, learn the historiography, try to make a legitimate intervention in te public conversation. Or just put pictures of your guns and drone photoshops on the Internet that should work too.

  5. " just put pictures of your guns and drone photoshops on the Internet that should work too."
    One part of a puzzle, Alex, one part of a puzzle.
    Tell ya what, check out my post "Black History Month" Tell me what part is a lie, and also tell me what parts are taught in regular schools.
    A flag flying will draw attention , and then people will ask questions, "Who put that flag up, why did they put it up ?"
    And every time one of the Floggers makes a negative comment, someone will read it and again questions will arise.
    Drive by the Washington Monument, if you don't stop and read the signs or take the tour are you able to know what it is there for ?
    You can gripe and moan about the flags all you wish, they will continue to fly and their numbers will continue to increase. And as this happens their true meaning will continue spread.
    It's the flag of the Confederate Soldier, not the Confederate Government, not the KKK, but the Confederate Soldier. So if one person reads this post and gains insight into the flag, that's a good thing, Thanks for your help.

  6. Hmm ok, food for thought. But how do pictures of your modern gun on a flag fit into the "puzzle"

    1. Diversity ! Simpson and Levin from time to tome post on subjects that have no connection to the WBTS.
      Simpson has posted on sports, and I'm sure Kevin has drifted away.
      I do the same thing from time to time.
      I enjoy target shooting, it's relaxing and frustrating at the same time.
      And given the name of this blog the gun on the flag seemed appropriate.

  7. That sixteen states out of fifty are entitled to exclusive rights and privileges, as well as total control of the Federal Government, is a backwards idea. But then, Yankees don't enjoy Constitutional rights, they enjoy conqueror's rights. And like the old Soviet Union, Northern rule is a relic of the past. One that's outlived it's expiration date by a hundred years.