Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Small Treasure.

Over the Years of being involved with Confederate history
I've collected a number of items.

This one is a Confederate "Brown Egg" telegraph insulator.

Confederate Egg - CD 701.6 and U-970 - Virginia Glass Manufacturing Co., Richmond, Virginia

The site of this glass company at the corner of Main and Tyler Streets in Rocketts, Richmond, Virginia, was in earlier years (mid-1850s) referred to as the "Richmond Glass Works". The incorporation of the Virginia Glass Manufacturing Co. took place on February 19, 1858. Jacob Atlee, the proprietor of the works, was very active in the production of various types of bottles and jars. 
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This one was found just outside Richmond VA.

Who knows what information passed across it ?

I find small items like this to be wonderful treasures.

To find out more about "Brown Egg" insulators go 

Both sites have good information.

I'd like to thank my Buddy Eddie Booth, for giving me this treasure.

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  1. Alexander, thanks for your offer, but just eat it yourself !