Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Does Crow taste Like Chicken ?

Kevin Levin said------- ( about the W&L university making a young man change his confederate attire)

"The Virginia Flaggers ... have now gone to great lengths to stage another conflict to garner sympathy for their cause."  K. Levin

"...this little fabrication takes the cake." K. Levin

"...the story is likely fabricated. There is no way to corroborate the story since no names are used and there were no police patrolling campus on Saturday." K. Levin

"The story was most likely fabricated. It is interesting how often minors are the centers of these stories."
K  Levin

"Though it’s possible, I find it hard to believe that no one else was around campus on Saturday. W&L denies that there was any incident which is a very risky thing to do if others witnessed this supposed exchange."
 K. Levin

W&L made this statement----

According to our Office of Public Safety, our officers reported four occasions when they interacted with individuals who were participating in the July 26 rally sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in downtown Lexington.

The officers characterized all of these interactions as respectful. They did not record names or ages of any of the individuals.

In each instance, the officers requested individuals not to carry Confederate flags or to wear attire with Confederate emblems on the campus. The individuals all complied with these requests.

The University chose to take these extraordinary steps — and the equally extraordinary step of closing Lee Chapel for the weekend — to avoid potential incidents. The decision to implement these procedures was based on the extreme nature of many communications that we received in the days leading up to the event.

Our primary concern will always be for the safety and security of our campus community and all its members, including the many visitors that we have throughout the year. At the same time, we have been clear that we will not allow outside groups to use the campus as a platform.

Given the tenor of the communications and without knowing what we might expect on Saturday, we had no choice but to employ these measures that day. We appreciate the manner in which our public safety officers performed their duties and the polite cooperation of those with whom they interacted. We hope that this will not be necessary in the future. We will continue to take whatever steps we think are prudent in order to keep the community and our facilities safe.

You want fries with that ? 

Well with no way out Kevin says ---   
 . My apologies to the Virginia Flaggers and SCV. 
Well at least he had enough gumption to do so.
Now then what about all the folks who commented at his blog ? 


  1. Pass the hot sauce to the loser!

  2. Ill let you know if I see any feathers coming out of his mouth tomorrow at the Crater...we know his pants will be on fire!

  3. Give him my regards Mr. Jennings. I only regret that I won't get the opportunity to meet the guy who loves making up stories about me and others personally....at least not yet.

  4. Rob "Straw Man" Baker sends this ---

    Rob Baker has left a new comment on your post
    "Does Crow taste Like Chicken ?":

    " doesn't excuse the fact that one of the SCV/heritage advocates left that comment on his blog Dav. that is something lost on Connie, who ignores it."

    Who said it did ? Stay focused Rob, The post is about Levin's fabrication of the Truth. This comment is the ultimate "Straw Man" argument.

    Say hello to Gen Zod and Corey, if you ever man up and apologize for your part in
    this truth twisting story by Kevin, ( I read your comments at his blog) you may get out of the Phantom Zone. But till then -----