Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Quiz on Cotton !


 Q What was invented in  1793 that revolutionized cotton production ?

Q What replaced it a few years Later ?

 Q Introduced in 1833 this is considered the second biggest boom to cotton production,
What was it ?

Q What two advantages did the second biggest boom have ?

The first one is EASY.


Well I've gotten a few answers to #1, that was E-Z.
I'll post the answers to all in a day or so.
I guess ya can't Google the answers to the other 3 ! 

Answers to Quiz -- 

# 1 Cotton Gin 

# 2 The Gin Saw, this was an improved version of the Cotton Gin.
Whitney's Gin was not the first machine for removing seeds from cotton, prior to his invention
Roller Gins that were invented in the Bahamas were in use as early as 1791,
An improved version of the Roller Gin  coexisted with the Gin for 30 years, but ultimately lost out.

# 3 The introduction of  the " Petit Gulf Seed"
This was a Mexican  hybrid seed.

#4 Advantages - The Bolls had a tendency to open simultaneously, 
and they opened so widely that picking the cotton was more easily done. 
In the early 1800s, picking rates were 50 / 60 pounds per day,
After the introduction of the Petit Seed rates were at 150 pounds early on,
as the seed became more widely used rates of 300 pounds per day were reported.

The source of my answers--
pages 84 and 90 of
"Slavery and American Economic Development"
by Gavin Wright.


  1. 1.) The Cotton Gin.

    2.) Not sure I understand the question. Only newer and better versions of the Cotton Gin replaced the primitive ones. Cotton Gins are still used today, they are automated however. So my guess would be a steam engine for cotton gins.

    3.) I'm not sure about this question and answer, I think you are looking for Great Britain's Slavery Abolition Act, which helped American Deep South planters take advantage of market left open by Britain's emancipation. But that was short lived, 1837 the market crashed.

    4.) Advantages in regards to what?

    1. # 2 you got it, The cotton Gin was not widely accepted by cotton growers, the "Gin Saw" however was. The "Cotton Gin" damaged a lot of fiber the Gin Saw reduced the damage.

      3 and 4 will be revealed soon then you will understand.