Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Andy Hall I’ve never ducked your questions and I hope you won’t duck this one!

VA State Law / (§ 15.2-1812)
 “it shall be unlawful for the authorities of the locality, or any other person or persons, to disturb or interfere with any monuments or memorials so erected, or to prevent its citizens from taking proper measures and exercising proper means for the protection, preservation and care of same. For purposes of this section, "disturb or interfere with" includes removal of, damaging or defacing monuments or memorials, or, in the case of the War Between the States, the placement of Union markings or monuments on previously designated Confederate memorials or the placement of Confederate markings or monuments on previously designated Union memorials.”

Now then, I took this picture Saturday right behind the VMFA, and sure as shootin there is a Union Flag on the grounds of a Confederate memorial !

Whacha think Bubba ?
Is this a violation of the law ?

Now then, I fully expect a song and Dance.
Or perhaps you will give me the answer to a question I didn't ask !

The Balls in your court Bubba !
Ya ain't never shucked and jived me before, don't start now!


  1. At his blog Good Ol Andy said=
    Andy Hall said, on September 11, 2012 at 5:56 pm
    Interesting question. When I see that particular flag, I don’t think of it as a “Union” flag, but a United States flag — my national flag. Clearly you don’t see it that way, but whatever.

    What do I think about this? I won’t give you a song-and-dance about this at all. I think the Flaggers should sue. Take ‘em to court. Pass the hat, er, kepi, and hire the best trial attorney in the Commonwealth. Put your money where your principles are. Take out a second mortgage if you have to, call the kids home from college if you have to, but get serious about this and hire a high-dollar gunslinger. Squeeze ‘em in the courtroom until they cry Uncle [Billy]. Take this one all the way to the Supreme Court, if you have to, no matter how much it costs. If the Flaggers really believe this pole and flag are a violation of the law — I mean really believe it — they’ll pursue it aggressively in court. Otherwise, it’s just posturing.

    Now, this thread isn’t about the VMFA or the Flaggers. You wanted an answer, there it is. I won’t approve any more comments about those subjects in this thread, which is about the Hatteras Project. I mean it — no more in this thread.

    "I don’t think of it as a “Union” flag, but a United States flag — my national flag. Clearly you don’t see it that way, but whatever."

    Dancin with the stars ?
    Nope just Andy bein Andy !

    1. But Andy -- you or I can be arrested for carrying the Stars and Stripes on the grounds, whats up with that ?

  2. Ya know I had this thought Andy----

    Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution
    He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.

    State of the "UNION" is that America ?

    Just sayin -------