Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Take a Moment Today !

As Americans, North and South lets all take a moment today to put our different opinions aside.


  1. I was working on the airstrip at Oceana Master Jet Base in VA Beach VA, when the sky got quiet.
    NO jets were flying ! We listened on our truck radios as the news came in and the towers fell.
    “Oh my God, we are under attack” A horrifying day for all American’s and the whole World!

    1. The airfield at Oceana got shutdown fast ! Mp's with guns at every gate. On my way home I was in shock.
      At a stoplight I noticed a woman coming out of a store, she was pushing a shopping cart while holdind a small childs hand, The cart flipped over when she ran off the sidewalk. The clowns in the car beside me were laughing, I don't know if I waited for the light to change or not but I got across the street and did all I could to help her! The child was fine, and I helped her pick up her stuff and load it in the car.
      I'd like to find the punks who were laughing, they might kick my ass, but they would know I had been there.
      it's strange how I can't forget a single moment of that horrific day.