Friday, July 6, 2012

Yertle the Turtle !

Well this got Deleted at SHPG !

When Kevin Levin is at his blog, where he controls 100% of the content he is like this--

However outside his blog where he doesn't have total control,
 and you are free to question his findings and authority he is like this ----

Yea I said it !


  1. Really Dav? With all the running and hiding that takes place on the SHPG?

    Then you've got Connie above who blocks comments from her blog as well.

  2. YES REALLY Rob.
    Who is running and hiding from what at SHPG ?
    It's as open a format as I have seen. But even I get deleted there though. Such is the case with this blog entry. And yes I was angry about it. Nobody likes to get censored, but after Talking with the powers that be, I apologized and asked to be readmitted. A short furlough as you stated to me!

    As for blocking comments- you told me Corey has the right to edit comments posted at his blog, Well I don't edit em I post em as is or not at all. That's just the way I do things, so ya just gotta deal with it !

    As for not posting comments at all, Corey more than likely will not get any space here. I accepted his apology for implying I was the porno blogger, but that don't give him a blank check. It don't matter to me if he goes to Bed Time Bible Story's or watches Debbie Does Dallas that's his choice, and I got nothin to do with it. But his implication about me really got him on my don't give a hoot list.

  3. Why did you apologize Dav? What was so obscene that they silenced the opinion of one of their own?

    Yes, I told you that Corey has that right. I also told you that he has the right to not admit the comments. I also told you that I don't agree with it. I have also told him I do not agree with it. I said the same thing to KL a while back as well. But it's hypocritical to accuse others of the very thing you do.

  4. "Why did you apologize" ?
    I apologized for my "reaction" to being censored ! My apology is posted on the page. The deletion of my post was proper !

    Ever have "one of those days" ?
    I had to work a 12 hour shift on my day off,( some college punk called in sick, yea right, it was probably fifty cent wing night at Hooters.
    on the way home I got pulled by the police for being a white guy in a black neighborhood at 1:00 am ------ (it's a short cut home)
    (yeesh racial profiling)and got a ticket for a brake light, my center light had popped out of the housing when I closed the trunk.
    Then I get home and find out my place in NC has been burned to the ground, now under investigation by the authorities !
    Then what I thought to be a cool post was deleted ! Yep I got bent out of shape and left the group. OOOOPS !