Friday, June 15, 2012

States Rights !

Good old Kevin Levin (The Master of spin ) Posted at his blog -------

"This video was taken yesterday outside of an establishment created to foster understanding, creativity and yes…expression. However type of expression has many negative and absolutely hateful associations and should not be tolerated. Young people don’t forget why this should not be tolerated! As for the black woman in the video…yes, the one who is proudly waving the flag…..of all examples to set….why this one?? The choice to do something in public is a choice that only you can make….but please, help me understand why you needed to wave THAT flag in public"!!??

Kevin, I have walked the front lines with Karen Cooper (The black woman waving the battle flag)
I am proud to have her as a friend !

It was asked “ As for the black woman in the video…yes, the one who is proudly waving the flag…..of all examples to set….why this one?? “

Karen is an advocate of States Rights and The Constitution.
That seems like a fine Example to set for the next Generation !  Do you have a problem with that ?
Why don't you pose the question to her directly? I am sure she will set you straight !


  1. Excellent response! Of course, he'll never do it.

    That video drips with intolerance, doesn't it?

    1. Yea, If Kevin were to ask Karen, (who I am proud to call a friend), he might have to face the truth.
      It's funny he has not accused her of being "another in a long line of fictional characters"
      But I'm sure he will get around to it!

      It's like you said, if we keep the battle flag in the public eye it wont be hidden in some back dusty isle in an out of the way place in a museum.

  2. Once again The spin master is using smoke and mirrors !
    From Kevin's Comment Section !------

    Kevin Levin June 15, 2012 at 10:39 am
    I’ll let this one through since it displays your inability to read. The post clearly says, “accompanying text” which means that the opinion expressed is not mine. I suggest you contact the individual(s) responsible for this video.

    And if Karen is really a states rights advocate than someone should inform her that she is carrying the wrong flag.


    Dave Tatum June 15, 2012 at 12:29 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation!

    But I do have the ability to comprehend the agenda you are promoting, you are just doing it with smoke and mirrors, same old Kevin !
    I guess you don’t have the courage to say it yourselfe so you do it second hand ! Pathetic !
    GROW SOME BALLS BOY ! Quit hiding your agenda behind what others say, and then say your in the middle ! Your a fraud !

    1. I'm sorry Dave but I disagree. Kevin titles this post, "Another View...." on a memory blog. He focuses on the modern comprehension of the war and its lasting impact. If you really want to pose these questions, I suggest you message the YouTube account as I have.

    2. (Another view)- that is parallel to his own !
      Get real Rob; if Kevin didn't agree with it, it would never have seen the light of day at his blog!
      You know it's true and so do I.